I love The Legal Seagull’s blog, podcast, and videos. I’ve learned a ton about my legal rights and the legal system. And, as a bonus, I now have bits of legal trivia to drop at networking events!

Rachel Quinley (St. Louis, MO)

The Justice Navigator videos were a tremendous help. Earlier this year, I was told that I may be called as a witness to testify at a deposition in a real estate dispute. Every lawyer I spoke to wanted at least $250 per hour—which I couldn’t afford. Instead, I watched the Justice Navigator videos, which educated me about the discovery process and gave me tons of helpful tips for my deposition appearance. Thankfully, the parties settled the case and I didn’t need to go, but it sure felt good to be well-informed and prepared.

Abbas Moshrefi, Granada Hills, CA

As a newly admitted attorney, I quickly discovered that there are numerous facets of the legal profession that law school simply fails to touch upon. Employers not only want, but expect practical knowledge and the ability to hit the ground running. Not to be deterred and intent on gaining the knowledge of a seasoned litigator, I found a fantastic resource that is as useful for the educated professional as it is for pro se litigants. Justice Navigator was instrumental in teaching me litigation essentials, including: how to write a persuasive demand letter; negotiating a settlement and drafting a settlement agreement; and how motions and court appearances play out in actual practice. The samples provided are a great starting point for drafting correspondence and other legal documents. Law schools would be wise to assign Justice Navigator to graduating students!

Aaron Massarano, Santa Monica, CA

When I was involved in a legal proceeding, I learned so much from Justice Navigator. The video simulations taught me how to act in court, how to speak to the judge, how to protect myself when communicating with my opponent and his lawyer, and how to evaluate a settlement offer. We ended up settling without trial, but I still go back sometimes and re-watch some of the sessions. I hope I never have to set foot in another courtroom… but if I do, I know I’ll have Justice Navigator to help!

Naomi Nussbaum, Teaneck, NJ

Before I started watching Justice Navigator, I admit I was a bit skeptical. After watching a good portion of it now, I have to say the court/deposition simulations are REMARKABLY consistent with my actual experiences. These instructional videos make litigation understandable to non-lawyers like myself, while not talking down to us like many lawyers do. The examples are useful and sometimes even funny—especially Session 8—where I was laughing out loud.

Lynn Meyer, Queens, NY