Worried about your litigation skills?

Are you insecure about your courtroom skills and limited knowledge of how to litigate a case through trial?

Worried that law school didn’t teach you what you need to know to navigate the court system, get the most out of depositions and written discovery, and obtain admissible evidence to prove your case?

The problem

  • Law school curriculum often focuses on legal theory instead of practical litigation skills for navigating the court system.

  • Many attorneys lack an adequate understanding of basic courtroom procedure and litigation etiquette, to the frustration of judges.

  • During depositions, inexperienced attorneys are outmaneuvered by experienced litigators, who use questionable techniques and “speaking” objections to obstruct the fact-finding process and influence witnesses’ testimony.

  • At trial, many attorneys are unfamiliar with how to introduce exhibits, elicit helpful testimony, make and overcome objections, and deal with evasive, dishonest, and hostile witnesses.

  • Busy law firm partners don’t have the time or patience to provide “on-the-job” litigation training to young associates.

Why Justice Navigator is right for you

Justice Navigator will teach you the practical litigation skills you need to manage a case from the complaint filing all the way through trial. We show you how to:

  • Write a compelling demand letter
  • Deal with untruthful witnesses and difficult attorneys
  • Introduce exhibits at trial
  • Prepare, oppose, and argue motions
  • Defeat your opponent’s motion for summary judgment
  • Maximize the power of depositions to advance your case
  • Negotiate and draft a settlement agreement
  • Impeach a witness who is lying on the stand
  • Be a strong advocate for your client at conferences, hearings, depositions, and trial.
  • Try a case (select a jury, deliver opening statement and closing argument, examine and cross-examine witnesses, impeach dishonest witnesses, lay foundation for trial exhibits, make objections, and much more!)

Try it RISK FREE With Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

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What you get

  • 13 high-definition videos designed to ensure you never go to court unprepared

    Justice Navigator utilizes the best cinema-quality production tools, graphics, and illustrations to make each session easy to watch, understand, and digest.

  • 19 innovative video simulations to show you what to do at court hearings, motions, depositions, and trial, step-by-step.

    Each simulation was created using lifelike sets and professional actors to help you understand how court appearances work, and how to conduct yourself among opposing attorneys, the judge, and the jury.

  • Realistic samples of litigation materials, including pleadings, correspondence, motions, and trial documents

    These resources will help you prepare litigation documents for your case.

What do the sessions cover?

Justice Navigator includes the following high-definition, professionally produced video tutorials. Roll over each title for more information about that video:

  • Session 1: Getting Started

    Get familiar with Justice Navigator - know what to expect.

  • Session 2: Early Considerations in Your Case

    Figure out whether you have a case and if it makes sense to file (or defend) a lawsuit.

  • Session 3: Your Case is Moving Forward: Now What?

    Important litigation terminology and concepts to help frame your claims or defenses.

  • Session 4: A Lawsuit is Born: Initial Filings

    Initial litigation procedures for preparing and serving complaints, answers, and early motions.

  • Session 5: Working with Adversaries, Witnesses, and Court Personnel

    Who’s who in court? Meet the players, learn how to behave in court, and how to deal with your opponents.

  • Session 6: Evidence

    Learn the rules of evidence, including objections, relevance, hearsay, and much more!

  • Session 7: Discovery and Investigation

    Common "discovery” tools and techniques to help you investigate and locate evidence to support your case.

  • Session 8: Depositions

    Getting the most out of depositions—whether you are conducting or defending them.

  • Session 9: Pre-trial Litigation

    Pre-trial litigation, including court hearings, exchange of information and documents, and expert witnesses.

  • Session 10: Motions

    How to prepare, file, argue, and oppose motions.

  • Session 11: Settlement Negotiations

    The ins and outs of settlement discussions, including tips and strategies for negotiating a settlement and drafting a settlement agreement.

  • Session 12: Trial

    How to take your case through trial, including jury selection, opening statement, witnesses, cross-examination, objections, and closing argument.

  • Session 13: Post-trial Litigation and Judgment Enforcement

    Post-trial litigation, including motions for new trial, appeals, enforcement of judgment, and more.

  • Bonus Session: How to Fight a Traffic Ticket: Citation Through Trial

    How to challenge a traffic ticket—all the way through trial.

Unleash your inner litigator—try Justice Navigator today!

Justice Navigator was created with lifelike sets, talented actors, and state of the art graphics and illustrations to make each session easy to watch, understand, and digest. These cutting-edge videos—combined with best in class content—make Justice Navigator the premier litigation tutorial.

Try the entire series risk free for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied with Justice Navigator, we’ll give you 100% of your money back—guaranteed.

Try it RISK FREE With Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

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